About DanCARD

DanCARD is established as an interdisciplinary collaboration between 11 research groups from various institutions and companies.

The birth of the center was made possible by a six-year grant (DKK 31 mill) from the Danish Council for Strategic Research.

Bacterial antibiotic resistance is increasing. As a result, treatment difficulties may soon be experienced with even simple infections due to the lack of antimicrobial drug development by the pharmaceutical industry. The DanCARD centre will combat this with focus on the development of new antibiotics and increase of the efficacy of existing antibiotics. Further, the centre will focus on alternative strategies to combat bacterial infections.
The Center is situated at Statens Serum Institut and Hvidovre Hospital and is managed by Prof. Niels Frimodt-Møller.
DanCARD introduction video



Last revised 16 July 2014