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Department of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering

Reinhard Wimmer
Associate professor, MSc. (Chemical Engineering), PhD

Background and research interests: Reinhard Wimmer received his PhD in NMR spectroscopy from the University of Linz (Austria) in 1997. Thereafter, he spent two years as postdoctoral fellow in the group of Prof. Kurt Wüthrich at the ETH Zürich before assuming a position at the Dept. of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering at Aalborg University.
Reinhard's field of interest is NMR spectroscopy, applied to biological systems. In recent years, he worked especially with alginate epimerases, cyclodextrins and antimicrobial peptides.
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Role in DanCARD: In the DanCARD project, Reinhard is collaborating with Henrik Franzyk, Paul Robert Hansen, Niels Frimodt-Møller, Hanne Mørck Nielsen and Hans-Henrik Kristensen. Reinhard’s contributions will be focused on structures of antibiotic compounds and their interactions with lipid aggregates. Further Reinhard Wimmer is the supervisor of PhD student Lars Erik Uggerhøj.

Lars Erik Uggerhøj
PhD-student, MSc. Eng (Nanobiotechnology)

Background and research interests: Lars Erik Uggerhøj holds a MSc. in Engineering and is currently enrolled as a PhD student at Aalborg University. His research interest lies within the fields of NMR-spectroscopy applied to biological and biotechnological problems and cellular functions related to diseases and injuries.

Role in DanCARD : As a PhD-student supervised by Reinhard Wimmer, Lars Erik Uggerhøj will work on characterization of structures of novel antibiotics and their interactions with lipid aggregates.
(Enrolled 2010-2013)

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