University of Copenhagen – BIO

Department of Biology, Functional genomics

Anders Løbner-Olesen
Professor, Lic. Scient.

Background and research interests: Anders Løbner-Olesen (ALO) received his MSc in Biology from University of Copenhagen in 1986. He received a PhD in Molecular Biology from the same place in 1989 with Knud V. Rasmussen (University of Copenhagen) and Flemming G. Hansen (Technical University of Denmark) as supervisors.
Following his PhD, ALO obtained a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship (seniorstipendie) from DTU and spend 1992 and 1993 at University of Colorado, Dept. of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. In 1994 he briefly held a position as Assistant professor at University of Copenhagen before joining Novo Nordisk A/S for a 4-year period (1994-1998). In 1998 he took a position at Institute for Cancer Research in Oslo (part of Oslo University) before returning to Denmark in 1999 to take an associate professor position at Biocentrum DTU. ALO has held his current position as professor at Roskilde University since 2002.
The research group of ALO currently consists of three postdoctoral fellows, 5 PhD students, 3 master students and one technician. The groups’ research interest is focused on the bacterial cell cycle with special emphasis on replication and segregation of bacterial chromosomes. In the past they have primarily used E. coli as model organism, but have recently included Vibrio cholerae and Staphylococcus aureus in their work. ALO has authored more than 50 scientific publications. He currently heads the research group on “Molecular and General Physiology” at Roskilde University.

Role in DanCARD: In the DanCARD project, ALO will move the focus of the group’s work from basic science towards a more applied goal. Specifically he wishes to target the bacterial replication machinery for drug discovery. Their current approach is to screen a library of small circular peptides, generated by themselves, for species that disrupt interaction between selected proteins in the replisome. Active peptides may be advanced further towards new antibiotic lead candidates.

Susanne Kjelstrup
Post doc, MSc. PhD

Background and research interests Susanne Kjelstrup (SK) received her PhD in molecular and cellular biology from University of Southern Denmark, Odense in 2004 with Kenn Gerdes as supervisor. She continued her work as post doc in the group of professor Kenn Gerdes. In 2005 she got the opportunity to work as research scientist in a small biotech company, Genobiotix, which was started by Professor Kenn Gerdes, Professor Anders Løbner and Sten Verland. In 2006 SK was hired as post doc by Professor Anders Løbner, Department of Science, Systems and Models, Roskilde University to work on the project “Peptide inhibitors of DNA replication in Staphylococcus aureus”.
During the past 5 years, SK has focused on development of screening assays and construction of peptide libraries. These libraries have been screened for inhibitors of antimicrobial growth. Currently, SK’s research group is targeting the bacterial replication machinery of S. aureus to identify cyclic peptides that disrupts essential protein-protein interactions. They have identified several peptides that have shown to be promising candidates for further development of antimicrobial drugs. They have generated the peptide library themselves, but are able to screen any library of chemical substances using the screening system that they have developed.

Role in DanCARD: SK will continue the screening of their peptide library to identify peptides that targets different protein-protein interactions in the replication machinery of S. aureus. Further more, she will optimize the peptides to generate more potent lead candidates for further development of antimicrobial agents.


Last revised 8 July 2014