The main object of the DanCARD centre is to prevent further escalation of bacterial resistance and to increase our antibiotic armature. The centre will address this by developing new antibiotic drugs, sustain and increase the activity of available and novel antibiotics and finally search for alternative strategies to combat bacterial infections.


The DanCARD projects fall into four work packages with the following headings:

  • Work package 1: Development of novel antibiotics.

  • Work package 2: Improving pharmacological properties and delivery of available antibiotics or circumvention of resistance mechanisms.

  • Work package 3: Improving antibiotic activity against tolerant bacteria in biofilm, and strategies for reducing development of antibiotic resistance.

  • Work package 4: Development and validation of animal models for testing antimicrobial clinical efficacy in humans. 


Pippettering af prøve

Last revised 16 July 2014