Work Package 4

"Development and validation of animal models for testing antimicrobial clinical efficacy in humans"


Opsugning af af prøve fra rør i metalbakke set meget tæt

Novel compounds showing promising results in Work Packages 1-3 will be further analysed and evaluated  in vivo using ad hoc experimental animal models. Mice models (intestinal carriage model, peritonitis model, urinary tract infection model and skin infection model) will be utilised at SSI and pig models at UC-LIFE. At least three additional animal models are being developed and validated at UC-LIFE: a porcine MRSA colonization model, a chicken endocarditis model, and a porcine wound infection model. The latter model will be particularly useful for testing plant-derived antibiotics as topical medicines in human and veterinary medicine.
Contributors: Luca Gaurdabassi, Peter DamborgNiels Frimodt-MøllerLotte Jakobsen, Klaus Skovbo Jensen


Last revised 16 July 2014